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“I had a great experience with the Credit Recovery Program, everyone was friendly, especially Andre. He walked me through the entire process. I felt as if I was speaking with a dear old friend. Have only had my 2017 Honda Accord Sport for 2 days and I have been recommending the program to everyone!!! Thank you so much!”

Shaunina G.

“ Actual testimonial from a Credit Recovery program customer read by a paid actor.”

I have never had such a pleasant and calm dealership experience. I first didn’t believe the letters sent inviting me to qualify for buying. Then, I didn’t believe the amount I qualified for so I said ” instead of a new car can I get two used cars”? YES!?? Mr. Jimmie Conner showed very nice vehicles with zero pressure and explained everything as many times as I asked. I was satisfied with getting one car to replace my colleve daughter’s old clunker that served her well. She baby sat for the summer to buy her own $800 very used car that lasted her two years. I cried even more when it could be worked out that I could also replace my vehicle. I will return to this dealership as long as I am in South Carolina! Thanks to finance management, you know your name. The environment was relaxing. Thank you.

Sandra M. - Florence, South Carolina

“My sales rep, Grant was awesome, outstanding customer service. He made sure I understood everything from start to finish. I was qualified and chose a car that was safe for my family and me. I recommend this process to anyone. If it weren’t for the Credit Recovery program, I don’t think I ever would have bought a new car.”

Samantha H.

“ Actual testimonial from a Credit Recovery program customer read by a paid actor.”

A big “Thank You”  to my Credit Recovery Program. I was able to get the credit I needed to keep my family safe and riding in style!

William J. - Nashville, Tennesee

I am so excited and relieved about being able to purchase a new vehicle. I was able to go into the dealership and drive out in my new car!
Jenny S. - Cleveland, Ohio

My Credit was bad! I had a Repo and no money down. I left with a 2015 Honda Civic!  I would recommend this program to anyone looking!
Joey B. - Chicago, Illinois


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